3 Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing Land

3 Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing Land
  1. Your reason to purchase?

This one is personal…but you need a WHY. Is it for “banking” value in a declining economy. Preparing a “bug out” location for those events we don’t mention. Or just to spend weekends at to get out of the city and unwind. Find your why, find your reason and find land that fits!

  1. Is it within your means?

Can you afford the monthly payments or full purchase price without impacting your daily life negatively? Land is an investment and should fall behind daily needs in that regard…though it can be used to PROVIDE those daily needs in many situations. Buy wisely!

  1. Is there a legitimate purchase agreement and contract (if applicable) associated?

Purchase agreements make a purchase a valid transaction with both parties agreeing to terms and conditions of the purchase. The contract lays out the details of any longer term or more detailed transaction such as a terms, or owner finance, deal. Without these, the deal is tenuous at best

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